Albert S. White was one of the organizers of Riversides citrus fair in 1885

Albert S White

Albert S. White came to California in 1876, searching for the ideal climate and found it in Riverside, regaining his health and strength over the winter. He was the first paying guest of the Miller family, staying at the Glenwood.
White purchased 40 acres along Magnolia Avenue south of Riverside, a town at that time of 300. He brought fruit trees and vines from the east and set up his ranch in oranges, 10 acres of which were devoted to Washington navels.
In 1879, he was one of the founders of the public library association with Elmer W. Holmes, among others. When the city of Riverside was incorporated in 1883, he was a member of the first board of trustees and later a member of the first Riverside County board of supervisors. He made City Park a special project. He was involved in many real estate and water businesses and was in the real estate business with Frank Miller. After his death in 1909, the city of Riverside named White Park after him.