Left: Allis Hardenburg Miller Hutchings. Right: Frank Miller and baby daughter, Allis.

Allis Hardenburg Miller Hutchings

The only child of Frank and Isabella Miller, Allis accompanied them on many of their adventures as a young girl. When President Harrison came to Riverside in 1891, she was the charming little girl who presented him with a basket of flowers.
Allis and De Witt V. Hutchings were married in 1909; and after Frank Miller’s death in 1935, Allis and De Witt managed the hotel until their deaths in 1952 and 53. Allis introduced the more ceremonial aspects of the famed “Flyers Wall,” holding ceremonies for more than 100 famous aviators as they visited Riverside, affixing their wings to the wall outside the St. Francis chapel.
Other innovations at the Mission Inn included the South Seas-inspired Lea Lea room and the installation in 1948 of a swimming pool, “El Agua Azul,” that replaced the Old Adobe that was the original Miller home.