Charlotte W Fay

Left: Charlotte Fay. Right: Chapter House for the Disabled Veterans of America, Chapter 28.

Charlotte Fay died in 1918, at age 21, while in service as a nurse at the Riverside City Hospital. Her death came when she contracted pneumonia after being infected with influenza while caring for those stricken during the flu pandemic.  Charlotte was serving as a nurse-in-training and she planned to enlist for duty in World War I in France after her training was complete. Buried at Evergreen, her name lives on in the name of Riverside’s Chapter 28 of the Disabled American Veterans. The chapter supports the restoration and perpetual maintenance of Evergreen with donations.

Charlotte’s parents, Courtland H. Fay and Gertrude Fay; her aunt, whose maiden name was also Charlotte Fay; and her uncle, are all buried in a row near Pine St. Her aunt and uncle can be found under the name Schrickel.  On Charlotte’s headstone is the engraving “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.” The first owners of the building that now houses the Charlotte Fay Chapter of Disabled American Veterans are also at Evergreen: Perley and Jessie Wright; their daughter, Elizabeth; and son-in-law William Carlson, a purchasing agent for Riverside County.