Pember lived in this house, owned by his father-in-law, Milton J. Daniels

Pember S Castleman

Castleman was a member of the first class at Stanford University. There he distinguished himself as leader of the Stanford Glee Club and composed “Rush the Ball Along,” Stanford’s first football song, for the university’s first intercollegiate football game with California (Berkeley). He went on to law school at Columbia University and joined a major law firm in New York. In 1896, he married Maude Cecelia Daniels.

Returning to Riverside, Castleman went to work at The Daily Enterprise, one of Riverside’s daily newspapers. His father-in-law, Milton J. Daniels, had purchased an interest in the paper in 1899. Milton Daniels had come to Riverside for health reasons in 1890. He was a retired Civil War captain; former president of the Union National Bank in Rochester, Minnesota; and a former Minnesota state senator. In Riverside, Daniels pursued the same interests and was elected congressman. He also became president of the Orange Growers Bank.

When the Orange Growers Bank bank failed as a result of embezzling by its cashier, Tom Hays, a close friend of Daniels, Pember and the newspaper supported both Hays and Daniels, but Daniels’ political career was finished. He went to work with Pember, in his real estate and insurance business.