William Judson House

Judson House came to Riverside in 1881, leaving Boulder, Colorado, where he was superintendent of mines in the Jimtown District. In 1882, he joined the First Baptist Church. When he died in 1936, he held the longest membership in the church’s history.

When Riverside County was created in 1893, House became a member of the first County Horticultural Commission and later served as chairman. For three years, he also worked as a tree inspector for the Commission.

House owned 95 acres in Rubidoux, where he farmed apricots and peaches. In 1895, The Daily Press acknowledged his expertise saying, “From three acres of apricots, Judson House has secured nearly five tons of dried fruit this season. He has sold the crop for $1470, an average of nearly $500 an acre.” Judson also established and supervised stone fruit orchards and citrus groves for non-resident owners and bought and shipped fruit, becoming the manager for A. Gregory, a well-known California shipper. In his later years, he also was involved in real estate.

He and his wife, Anna, raised their five children in a beautiful 1895 craftsman-style house, located on Chestnut Street between Tenth and Eleventh Streets. One of their sons, “Jud,” became an outstanding athlete and would have been an Olympian except for the cancellation of the games as a result of World War I. “Jud” is also at Evergreen.