Founders’ Stories

The Founders Stories portion of this website is intended to be a doorway to Riverside’s past. Walk through the doorway with us and experience Riverside through the lens of Riverside’s first cemetery. Take the walking tour and have a virtual experience of Evergreen and many of the founders’ final resting places.

Connect with more than 100 of Riverside’s founders and discover how they were connected with each other. Evergreen tells the story of Riverside through the people buried here. Stories of idealism and commerce, water and citrus, immigration and entitlement, service and scandal, art and industry, discrimination and triumph, all can be found here.

Search by name or by connection to Riverside’s history.

Neither the Founders Stories web pages nor Evergreen can tell the full story of Riverside. Many of the founders are themselves, the subjects of entire biographies and extensive histories. Many important early members of the community are buried elsewhere either in Riverside or other parts of the nation and the world. In some cases, we connect to an important family story through a relative, rather than the principal of the story. This portion of the website is a work in progress and we welcome comments and suggestion through the Contact portion of the website.