Many of Riverside’s citizens and the City of Riverside have helped to restore Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery through generous funding and countless volunteer hours. It is our firm desire that this wonderful piece of Riverside’s history remain preserved. This preservation can only be accomplished through the continued kindness of private donations.

Donations have ranged from cash, planned giving, and gifts in-kind. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of supporting Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery.

The mailing address for donations is:

Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery P.O. Box 20544 Riverside, CA 92516

If you’d like to donate by credit card/PayPal,

To support Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery through a planned gift, please call (951) 522-6462.

Fundraising Goal: $3 million
Raised to Date: $1.8 million
  $700,000 has been spent on restoring the site $1.1 million has been designated for a fund for perpetual care of the historic portion of the cemetery
Still to Be Done: Restore 4-acre portion of the site surrounding the Riverside Mausoleum Benches Future fully funded to keep Evergreen watered and maintained forever.

Evergreen Memorial Historic Cemetery is a California not-for-profit corporation. All donations are 100% tax deductible. Tax ID 55-0803994.