Left: Dr. Alden Bordwell and his mother, Anna Rice Bordwell at the dedication of Bordwell Park, March 1967. Right: Dr. Alden Bordwell.

Alden Bordwell

More than 3,000 Riversiders born between 1931 and 1978 were ushered into the world by Dr. Alden Bordwell. Dr. Bordwell, however, is connected to many more residents than those babies and their families.

For those who played Little League, Dr. Bordwell started Little League in Riverside in 1953. Those who attended Magnolia Elementary School, Poly High School, or Riverside City College share an alma mater with Dr. Bordwell. Many young athletes who played football or ran track had Dr. Bordwell as a team doctor. The city of Riverside named the Bordwell Park after Dr. Bordwell in 1967 in recognition for his service to youth athletics.